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“From the moment that my husband and I decided that buying a home was the next step for us, Maxine Freedman was by our side. She not only reached out to us with options available, but patiently talked us through each new step of our exciting-and oftentimes stressful- journey. Showing us the property at times most convenient for us, sending us information to help guide us through, and even just to listen to our concerns, she was by or side. When it came time to get a home inspection , a plumber, or just to see the house ‘just one more time’ she was making calls, sending numbers, and most importantly, making time for us. We are so grateful! We truly recommend working with Maxine, for a calm, patient, and knowlegable home buying experience.”

-- Tova and Eli K., February 2020

"If you need to use a Realtor for buying/selling/renting, I strongly recommend Maxine Freedman from Hammond Residential. She went way beyond our expectations, making sure that each step of the process would go smoothly, dealing with multiple parties involved, making it as easy for us as possible. After such a positive experience, she is definitely a Realtor of choice for us in the Boston area."

-- Olga and Alex V., July 2019

“Maxine is amazing! Not only did she find us the perfect house, she helped us with every step! She took what could have been very stressful and made it easy and even fun. We could never have managed without her and cannot recommend her enough.”

--Lisa M., May 2019

“Maxine helped us out of our basement apartment and into the home of our dreams at a price we could afford. She helped us navigate the entire process by clearly explaining all the steps and paperwork. She made sure nothing slipped through the cracks. Maxine was available to help at every turn and was very responsive. Her positive, patient, and supportive attitude made her a pleasure to work with. Having Maxine in our corner assured a smooth and successful outcome. We are so grateful!”

-- Rachel F., February 2019

“We bought and sold our home with Maxine. She truly went above and beyond to take care of every last detail for us. We could never have managed without her!”

--Simon T., January 2019

“Mrs. Freedman was so amazing! Not only did she help us land a great new home, but she sold our old place for top dollar! We are very grateful.”

-- Nate and Rena B., November 2018

“Thank you so much for going above and beyond -- always there when needed, smoothing out all the details. It was truly a positive experience working with you and we couldn't have done it without you. Thank you so much again for everything!”

-- Eli and Shaindy P., October 2018

“Maxine held our hand during the entire process with guidance and without pressure. She checked in regularly with patience and was a tremendous resource for all aspects of the transaction. She had recommendations even for things that fell outside of the process. We were lucky to have Maxine at our side!”

--Jonathan G., June 2018

“Maxine Freedman was very helpful in the sale of my condo unit. She guided me professionally through every step of the process and made sure that all the deadlines were met. Her personal involvement even went as far as helping with the final cleanup on the night before we were to pass papers. I recommend her highly to anyone who needs a knowledgeable, dedicated and dependable agent for real estate transactions.”       

-- Louis S., February 2018

"Maxine helped us buy a condo in a way that no one else could have. She took the time to figure out how to make our offer stand out, and then shepherded the entire process. Long-distance seller, tight timeline, first-time buyers, for-sale-by-owner - none of that fazed Maxine, who helped make the entire process a breeze."

-- Yosef and Yulia K., June 2017

“Maxine cares! If you are interested in a broker that treats your transaction as her own look no further. Maxine is professional and reliable. I highly recommend her.”

-- Binyomin M., September 2016

“Today, March 15, will always be remembered as a special day.  With much gratitude ...We never thought owning a home in Boston would be a reality, for many reasons.  One major reason was because there was no house that seemed to suit us.  From the minute you called us about our soon to be home the ‘divine intervention’ was obvious.  We can't make it up; you saw every step of the way how we were lead in this direction. You made this process so easy for us.

“Your assistance started many years ago.  You were determined the moment you began working for Hammond to find us a home.  You were on top of the market, calling us with every new listing and holding our hand through the process.  You had your finger on the pulse to try and find us a ‘housing match.’  It did take time...and when you called us about this home...BINGO!

“You coordinated getting us into this house premarket.  You guided us on how to put together a great offer.  With your expert coaching you told us what was important and what to look past.  You were a wonderful resource and gave us contact information of inspectors, insurance brokers and contractors.  You were able to get our parents in to see the made everything very convenient. You did all of this with a smile and our best interest in mind.

“Words alone are hard to express our gratitude.”

-- Shloimy and Devoiry H., March 2016

“After living in a rented property for a few years, we decided the time had come for us to buy our own property. After talking to a few friends, we realized that in order to find an excellent house we needed an excellent real estate agent. Our friends recommended Maxine Freedman as a warm, friendly, and knowledgeable Realtor. They all had fabulous experiences with her.

“Oh, you can't even imagine how picky and indecisive we are, but Mrs. Freedman had the patience of a saint. She held our hand and carefully walked us through all the steps of this challenging process, wholeheartedly giving us the support and encouragement we needed. Over the course of several months Mrs. Freedman took us to see many homes and was always very happy to do so. She has never pressured us or imposed her views on us, but she was always there for us to help us refine our search criteria and come up with new ideas.  She was extremely patient and kind throughout the process. 

“When we finally found OUR house and the offer was accepted, Mrs. Freedman made sure to take great care of all the procedures and kept us fully informed about every step. Mrs. Freedman is a treasure of valuable resources - she has all the necessary phone numbers on the tip of her cell phone - she helped us to find a reliable mortgage person, professional home inspector, knowledgeable lawyer, etc., making the transaction go smoothly.  She is an exemplary professional, always ready and organized, always available, promptly responding to phone calls and emails. 

“Mrs. Freedman has her special secret to turn the overwhelming process of finding and buying a house into an exciting and enjoyable experience. She goes above and beyond!  We know we've made a very good friend whom we'd like to recommend to anyone needing her knowledge, thoroughness and experience.”

 -- Mayya and Dmitry O., January 2016

“We recently had the pleasure of choosing Maxine Freedman to sell my sister's condo. The sale went quickly, smoothly and we received an offer that was greater than our initial expectations. All of that would lead me to easily recommend her services to anyone thinking of listing or purchasing a home in this area. What compels me to write this, however, is much more. 

“From the very beginning and throughout the entire process Maxine went above and beyond in helping us in all aspects of my sister's transition to a new life. She recommended a qualified person to do some work on her old place, an excellent closing attorney and completely handled so many aspects of the move after my sister had already left Massachusetts. She acted as a liaison with the condo board, brought in someone to install smoke detectors, looked at carpet samples, so many things that were beyond and above her job description in every way.

“Even better, she was in constant communication with us, never pushing, always just laying out our options in a clear and professional manner. And while she was the consummate professional, she also served as a good friend and advisor. It was as if my sister had found a sister, albeit one who also happened to be a first class Realtor.

“Of course, everything an agent would normally do, she did extremely well. She hosted a very successful open house, brought many agents over at the very beginning to get the word out and Maxine stayed, laser focus,  during the negotiations and follow up with the buyer's agent. I have no doubt that she secured a higher settlement price for us than would have otherwise been possible.

"My only regret is that I cannot transport Maxine Freedman to my home state to handle every purchase or sale in my future.  Again, I cannot recommend her more highly. A great Realtor and an even better human being.”

-- Eric F., December 2015

“Given a short timeframe Maxine staged, photographed and sold our condo without so much as a hiccup. She made us feel comfortable with the entire process and guided us the entire time. She obtained an offer higher than our expectations. We felt lucky to have her representing us!”

-- Erin and Woody K., January 2015

“Working with Maxine made selling my condo a breeze. I live out of town, and she ran EVERY errand and took care of EVERY detail necessary to make for a smooth transaction. Maxine was very attentive to my needs and thought through all the situations that can happen when selling a home. Her proactive thinking helped me to avoid any minor issues that can come up. She helped me find creative solutions to fix the scenarios that did arise. Maxine was very available to take my phone calls and answer my questions, helping to keep me calm through some challenging moments. I would highly recommend working with Maxine when selling your home.”

-- Meri K., October 2014

“We are so happy to have worked with you and hope to do so again in the future. Thank you again for all your help and support throughout this whole process!”

-- David and Sarah, September 2014